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We're excited to announce that we will be releasing our 2023 Chardonnay in July of 2023. It has been a long road to get the vines back up to standard after drought, bird activity and the change in pruning.

Vintage 2022 was an amazing year for the vines. While not quite getting the volume we needed to do a chardonnay we along with our winemaker worked with what we had. We picked a tub of shiraz grape along with the chardonnay and barrel pressed to get the best quality juice we could. And that is how we have created the Samphire Charaz. Named after the local saltbush Samphire which has a dusky pink tinge to it and Charaz - the blend of 2 varieties.

Our 2021 Shiraz is of exceptional quality. High accolades from the winemaker. This has created a 'reserve' wine for Walkers Hill. As much as we would love to get it out there it won't be released until we are happy that it lives up to our expectations. 

Our 2021 Shiraz Blend has just been released. We have blended a percentage of our reserve with some Frankland River juice to give a table wine. This has a lovely nose and vibrant mahogany tones with light tannins.

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Thank you for supporting our small boutique winery and we look forward to your order. 

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